We Didn’t Russia In…

September 20, 2017

Steve calls in from his hotel in Baltimore to discuss travel life, the latest in the Russia Investigation (things are getting interesting). The politics of the NFL and the return of Hank Williams Jr to Monday Night Football. Also, Clay Travis talking about BOOBS on CNN and the problems with manufactured outrage. Jim tells a story about a recent Lyft ride and the GGG vs Canelo Alvares post fight analysis.


Over the Hill

September 17, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about Jamele Hill's tweet calling President Trump being a "white supremacist", the NFL and its response to anthem protests, a Franklin Ohio fireman's facebook comments leading to his suspension for saying that saving a dog is worth a million...listen to learn more. Also, the general state of racial relations in America, how to make things better, Trump on DACA and a deadpool reset.


Single Payer Baby

September 12, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss a Tucker Carlson segment regarding Black Lives Matter, the debt ceiling and politics, Bernie Sanders' plan to introduce a single payer healthcare bill, the latest in the Ezekiel Elliott situation, government and social media and another gem from Alex Jones.


Storm Front Coming

September 10, 2017

Steve and Jim drink some top notch whiskey and talk about the Michael Bennett situation in Las Vegas, the Utah nurse arrested for doing her job, Taco Bell empolyees taking the law into their own hands and speculation about the NRA's response, Hurricane Irma heading toward Florida and Rush Limbaugh being a hypocrite.


Who is ANTIFA really???

September 4, 2017

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio talking about the problems with North Korea. Jim has theories on ANTIFA and whether or not the neo-conservative (call them what you want) groups are real or role players, the continued saga of the Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL office. Should the cop who said "we only shoot black people" have been fired? The Cleveland Police department "counter protest"...enjoy. Please email us at jim@whiskeycongress.com  steve@whiskeycongress.com  and follow us on twitter, instagram and snapchat @whiskeycongress


Fight Night Recap Continued

August 29, 2017

Steve and Jim change gears and talk about the NFL Anthem protests, Jim Brown's remarks, the Cleveland Browns' team protest and the overall reaction of the public to the Anthem protests followed by the Kyrie Irving trade to the Celtics and his legacy in Cleveland. www.whiskeycongress.com  jim@whiskeycongress.com  steve@whiskeycongress.com @whiskeycongress on social media. 


Fight Night Recap

August 28, 2017

Steve and Jim get together to discuss the Connor McGregor vs  Floyd Mayweather fight, the latest shakeup in the Trump administration, Trump's rally speech in Arizona, the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the under-reported scandal revolving around Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 


Participation Trophy Part 2

August 22, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about the HBO project Confederate and HBO's programming history. We also talk about the latest news in NFL National Anthem protests. Policing in the inner-city, black on black violence, the prison industrial complex and the deeper issues related to changing the problems in the inner city. Amazingly the subject of women's soccer comes up for longer than ever on our show...enjoy. Email us: jim@whiskeycongress.com. or steve@whiskeycongress.com. Or reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat...@whiskeycongress  





Participation Trophy

August 20, 2017

Steve and Jim are back together in Cleveland to discuss the latest from the White House regarding the protests and the ouster of Steve Bannon as chief strategist. Steve wins another Deadpool. We also respond to the Missouri State Senator and her remarks about Trump (yes, the one who said she hopes Trump gets assassinated).


Lordy Lordy

August 16, 2017

Steve and Jim connect from their respective hotel rooms to discuss the latest on the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, VA. Trump's double talk regarding white supremacist groups, CEO's abondoning Trump's councils, Van Jones' emotional reaction, Jeffrey Lord's firing and the Marshawn Lynch protest...