Iran, Stormy And The Media

May 13, 2018

Dave from Philly sends beers for us to try in a future episode. Steve and Jim discuss the US backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. We also talk about Trumps' nominee to head the CIA, Stormy Daniels on Saturday Night Live. Eric Schneiderman's resignation following assault allegations and the overall behavior of the media on all of these matters and of course, another installment of Come At Me Bro.


Kanye West, Michelle Wolf, Bushmills and the NRA

May 6, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss Kanye West's comment that "slavery was an option", Michelle Wolf's performance at the White House correspondant's dinner, Trump at the NRA convention and some NBA talk. That LeBron guy is pretty good at basketball.


Trump Calls Fox And Friends, Ben Carson Raises the Rent, Cosby Convicted

April 29, 2018

Steve and Jim are back together in the Cleveland Studio to talk about the North Korea/South Korea Summit, Trump calls Fox and Friends, Ben Carson proposes an increase in affordable housing rent, Dr. Ronny Jackson is Trump's nominee for VA Chief (until he isn't) and Bill Cosby is convicted. We also throw in a little sports talk and review another whiskey.


NFL Draft Preview Whiskey Congress Style

April 25, 2018

The much anticipated Whiskey Congress Draft Preview is finally here. Steve and Jim discuss their mock drafts, their teams and the NFL draft in general. Just in time for the real deal (and we will probably do better than Kiper and McShay). Enjoy.


Starbucks, Barbara Bush, Michael Cohen and the NFL Draft preview

April 22, 2018

Steve and Jim review Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon and talk about the Starbucks arrest aftermath, oddly John Wick gets into the discussion. We also talk race and gentrification, the passing of Barbara Bush and the comments made by Roger Stone, the mess Sean Hannity finds himself mixed up in and the latest with the Trump administration. Another "Come At Me Bro" segment and a preview of our NFL Draft show scheduled for Tuesday.


NRA, Trump, Golden Showers, Facebook and NBA

April 15, 2018

Steve and Jim Review Elijah Craig Smalll Batch Bourbon, Colion Noir and the NRA as it pertains to race, the latest on Trump and is there really a "pee tape", Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress, Trump Pardons Scooter Libby, the NBA playoffs are here and another addition of "Come at me Bro".


Dr. King, Race In America, Conor McGregor Gone Wild

April 9, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King after the recent commemoration of the 50th years since his death. We also talk about the current state of racism in America including an event in Griffin, Georgia and a former police chief in Louisville, KY, a Supreme Court ruling, Conor McGregor going crazy and a tip of the hat to Bob Ruff of the Truth and Justice podcast. 


Black Panther, Whiskey, Instagram and Fox News

April 1, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss Steve's weird Instagram exchange, Steve finally sees Black Panther, CIA research update, Laura Ingraham goes after David Hogg (and loses), Rick Santorum makes a less than logical suggestion to the Parkland students. We also discuss the newly released videos of the Alton Sterling shooting and discuss the administrations response to the shooting of Stephon Clark. We also talk a little bit of sports, review a new whiskey and introduce the new segment...Come at me Bro.


Whiskey, Shootings, Facebook, Trump..Oh My

March 25, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to review Powers Gold Irish Whiskey. We also discuss the officer in Minnesota being charged with murder, the Parkland students march in Washington, the shooting of Stephon Clark, this week in Facebook, Bill Maher and the upcoming superfight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump


Political Storm Meets Whiskey Congress

March 18, 2018

Pat Greer from Political Storm calls in to discuss the latest shakeups in the White House, St Patricks's Day, the national school walkout, Sessions (ok Trump) fires Andrew McCabe, NRA, University of Virginia loses in the first round and Jim throws in a little NFL breaking news.