The UCLA Three

November 20, 2017

Steve and Jim are back in the studio to talk about the latest with Roy Moore, Sean Hannity's fanbase, the UCLA 3, Lebron in New York and the tweet from Peter Vecsey. Also the Meek Mill sentencing (see YouTube for Steve's pre-show commentary). The show was recorded before Al Franken's transgressions were made pubilc. Go to our YouTube channel for comments on that situation. Reach out to us on twitter @WhiskeyCongress or Instagram WhiskeyCongress. Email us or  Cheers. 


Men Behaving Badly

November 14, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss a new whiskey and a change in the scoring scale before moving on to the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations including Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Steve drops a little shocker about Trump's pre-flight weigh in. 

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Knocked The F Out

November 12, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about the recent elections, the mass shooting in a Texas church, tensions between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Trump's Asia trip, Josh Gordon's return to the NFL, the death of Roy Halliday and the current state of boxing. And yes, there is another whiskey review.


Sports and Whiskey

November 7, 2017

After the conversation with Michael Wood Jr, Steve and Jim review Larceny Bourbon and talk about the NFL and other funny topics including a woman getting a DUI...while riding a horse. 


Our Friend In LA, Mike Wood Jr Calls In

November 5, 2017

Mike Wood Jr calls in from Los Angeles to talk to Steve and Jim about the book he is writing. We discuss the attacks in New York. Of course, we talk about our recent gun control discussions and the political landscape including Beau Bergdahl, the ongoing Russia investigation and Donna Brazille's claims that the Clintons took over the DNC.  We also talk about Jim's "discovery in the released JFK assassination documents and the wild story in the FBI's files about Oswald's time in Russia. If you want the document that we discussed, email and he will send you a copy. 



October 29, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss the spin on the Russia Investigation originating from Sebastian Gorka; The Situation in Puerto Rico and the awarding of a 300 million dollar contract to the Whitefish Corporation; The JFK documents are released...sort of; Houston Texans owner Bob McNair refers to his players as "inmates". 


Down In Africa

October 25, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about the latest developments regarding Trump's call to the widow of La David Johnson, the resources in Africa and the rarely discussed US economic interests in the Dark Continent. Jeff Flake's decision not to seek re-election. The Republican tax plan and its potential impact on middle class America. Jim nerds out about the upcoming release of evidence from the JFK assassination. 


Bad Hat

October 22, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about the current political landscape including Florida Congresswoman Frederika Wilson and President Trump, Steve shares his recent experience listening to Breitbart radio, plus some discussion about whiskey and general fooling around. 


Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

October 15, 2017

Steve and Jim talk face to face in the Cleveland Studio about the latest from the Trump Administration and the efforts to reverse the actions from the previous administration. We also talk about the Eminem video, Harvey Weinsten and the Miami Dolphins coach "cocaine" video. Is Puff Daddy starting a new football league?


Calm Before The Storm

October 8, 2017

Steve and Jim talk remotely because Steve was out of town at a fundraiser for Inspiring Minds of Youngstown. We talk about Trump's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the President's "calm before the storm" remark, the status of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the impact of PA Representative Tim Murphy's resignation. We als o talk about the shooting in Las Vegas and practical gun control measures. Please take a look at: it's a great cause working to fill the gaps in the public education system for children in need.